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Cyclone Gabrielle Relief Efforts

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand with the anger of Gods, destroying an entire region - not just homes but education centres, Marae, shopping centres - everything that makes a community gone in the span of a few hours.

In desperate support are the people of the East Coast region, who are continuing to suffer at the time of this blog, as weather forecasts predict more days of rain coming.

Tangoio Marae, located a 30 minute drive north of Napier, was not isolated in its destruction. In the picture to the left, it is clear by the thick layer of sludge left behind, how intense the flooding was for the area.

Since the flooding, Tangoio Marae has started its clean up its marae and surrounding whare, however there is still so much to be done.

Tangoio Marae is seeking koha to help rebuild itself and their surrounding community.

Bank details are as follows -

03 - 1517 - 0011436 - 003 Reference - Koha

Waiohiki is a small village located in the Hawkes Bay region, which was completely destroyed amid the storm. Whilst the water level has receded since the Cyclone hit, wet weather is continuing to hit the area, and will do as we head into Autumn and Winter.

Please find below the link to Waiohiki's give-a-little page, which will help support displaced families from the region and long term, rebuilding the community.

CONTACT WORK AND INCOME via 0800 400 100

Cyclone Gabrielle Relief Fund via Work and Income


Orange Sky - offering free laundry and shower services for those in need!

New Zealand Red Cross - helping facilitate in areas of need - offering emotional support, supplies and helping fund teams to help respond to those in need.

New Zealand Relay Services - For people who suffer from disabilities which require help communicating.

For more resources check out the Civil Defence Relief Page.

Ahakoa He Iti, He Pounamu

Chipping in as little as $2 can make a difference. Alongside others, that money can help make a meal for a family or items like blankets.

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