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Financial Goals of 2022

Goals are important to being able to achieve the life you dream of. Achieving goals can help to maintain a high self esteem and aid in making you feel as though you are making a change.

I recently did a call out to our followers to see what their goals for 2022 were. Some of these included:

  • Becoming debt free

  • Purchasing their first home

  • Buy an investment property

  • Becoming financially independent

  • Investing in crypto

  • Retiring

I think these are some awesome goals. With a plan, they are all achievable.

Today, I am sharing my goals.

I have a few goals, these are:

  1. To achieve 5 sources of income by the end of 2022.

  2. Save for a 20% house deposit by the end of my degree (2025)

  3. Become highly educated in finance

  4. Grow Maori Millionaire, become an online tool for others to go to for financial help

In order to achieve goals, a plan is vital. Here is my plan:

#1 Goal - Achieve 5 streams of income.

I know that achieving a substantial stream of income will take time. So, I'm breaking this goal down. By the end of 2022 I want to have 5 streams of income, no matter how small. This way, next year I can work on growing these streams.

My first stream is my employment. I work as a Law Clerk, 40 hours per week. This is your typical 9-5 gig.

My second stream is interest from my term deposits. I currently have 6.5k in term deposits. The interest earnt is less than inflation at this point, but growing this stream is not a goal at this point in time.

My third stream is dividends from stocks. My portfolio is currently sitting at around 1k on sharesies. My goal is to develop this, grow it in to a bigger portfolio. For the time being though, I am able to generate small amounts of money through dividends.

My fourth stream of income comes from Kiwi Saver. There are a few ways to make money through Kiwi Saver. These are:

  • Employment contributions

  • Government contributions

  • Managed fund earnings

My last income stream is one that I am currently working on. An update will be shared in due course around this.

#2 Goal - Save 20% Deposit by the end of my degree.

This one has been a goal of mine for a long time. It's a difficult one with the rising house prices, but one to definitely stick to. Median house prices in New Zealand are currently sitting at around $1M - 20% of this is $200k.

My plan/ thinking:

  • $200k now could be a deposit for an 'okay' home.

  • $200k by the end of my degree will hopefully be a deposit for a good 'doer upper'.

Saving 200k by the end of my degree is unrealistic. So, my other goals work alongside this. By growing other streams of income, this will be possible.

#3 Goal - Become highly educated in finance.

I love reading finance books, and listening to finance podcasts. The more I do this, the more I delve in to this industry, the more proficient I will become.

#4 Goal - Growing Maori Millionaire

Growing Maori Millionaire is more of a personal goal for me. It will enable me to become consistent, accountable throughout my own money journey.

So, with my goals & plans being shared - drop a comment below to let me know what your goals are, and how you plan on achieving them.



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