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How to reduce spending - Easy things you can do that will make a big difference!

There are a few ways to reduce spending, try these:

  • Plan food more so that you are not doing unexpected trips to the store or takeaways because you have not planned.

  • Shop around for cheaper options of things you need eg. phone plans, insurance, and gas. - The small amounts add up.

  • Carpool to save gas.

  • Flat with friends to save costs on rent.

  • Use reusable items such as cloths and sanitary pads to save on these costs.

  • Value based spending

  • Turning lights off to limit power usage

  • Hanging washing out to limit power usage

  • Being mindful about where you spend your money.

  • Watching movies at home instead of at the Movies.

  • Learning to have dates with your significant other in ways that do not involve spending money.

  • Growing a vege garden to save on costs of vegetables - you can also do the same by growing fruit trees.

  • Getting chickens (eggs)

Comment your favourite ways to reduce spending! :)



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