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4 Months in to my Business- What have I learnt?

Mauri Ora, Mauri Tu, Tena Ra Tatou Katoa.

Our Maori Millionaire Whanau has grown crazyyyy of late. I'm so happy that our whanau is getting bigger and bigger because this means that more people are able to access our resources. This post is just an update for me mainly to track my progress with growing Maori Millionaire. I'll be listing everything we participate in below so that you can access all of the different resources which Maori Millionaire produces.


This week I posed a video which is a 3 Step Guide to get started for your financial journey. So, tune in to see how you can get started. Make sure to like and subscribe! The YouTube channel has 58 subscribers which has grown from the initial 15 when I posted this 3 step guide.


Atu i tenei, we also have our podcast which has hit number #29 on the New Zealand Charts for Podcasts. This is an awesome achievement and I believe that it means that more Maori are becoming active members of our Maori Millionaire whanau. Yay!!

If you click the spotify logo below, it will take you to our podcast so that you can listen to our most recent podcast.


Our blogging community has grown to over 350+ subscribers which has also seen a lot of growth. The most popular post at the moment is this which has 950 views and explains how to get started with investing in shares using sharesies.


Our Instagram account has over 1,169 followers. We are growing every single day.


Our Facebook community has hit 554 likes and 2,143 follows. The Facebook group has 311 members.


1. I was interviewed by Radio Waatea not long ago which was awesome. You can view this here.

2. The Te Ao Maori News interview can be seen here:

3. You can also see our article in the New Zealand Herald by clicking Here.

4. Lastly, I'm really excited to be a guest speaker on The One Up Project .

Mauri ora e te Whanau and speak soon :)



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