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My first Month Blogging - What Have I learnt?

Blogging is an interesting topic. Historically, people used blogs and blogs alone. Today, blogs are still used a lot however they are far bigger now and social media is intertwined throughout. We are approaching the end of my first month 'blogging' seriously. This post aims to explain the things that I have learnt throughout this month, how much I have made, and more.

Disclaimer: My goal with Maori Millionaire is to empower Maori to become financially independent. I did not start this blog to make money. Money is obviously a great benefit of this and the more lucrative this blog can become, the more time and resources I can put in to it.

How can you make money blogging?

There are lots of different ways that you can make money blogging. Some of the most common include Google AdSense (The ads that play before YouTube videos or are on the sides of blog posts), affiliate marketing, Collaborations, and more.

This month I made $50 through affiliate links to Sharesies. I prompted 10 different people to start their investing journey through sharesies of which I was given $5 per person, from Sharesies.

So, What have I learnt?

I've learnt a lot in this month! I've learnt just how many people are out there who wish to become educated about money, whanau who want more for their kids, etc, etc.

I've learnt that blogging takes time and discipline. I have missed a few days throughout this month but found that the longer your streak of posting is, the easier it is to continue. Once you fall off the bandwagon, it's harder to get back on.

Other companies or blogs are far more likely to collaborate with you when they're bigger as opposed to smaller. Money Hub - is a large financial blog. Chris from Money Hub shared a link to my blog in his news letter which attracted a lot of visitors. I've asked smaller ones though, with either no response or that their firm is busy with other content creators.

Another lesson was introduced to me by the creator of Ellen Ave - Collective Wisdom ( ) was the cumulative effect of followers. He described to me that compound interest with money works just the same with your content. Once your content and followers grows, it begins to compound. I've found this is so true! If people love your content, they'll share and then they will share and it's just this great endless cycle.

One of the biggest lessons for me is quality over quantity. I'm always in a rush to post content but I need to work on posting good quality content that followers will enjoy otherwise- it's pointless.

So, Where to from here?

Maori Millionaire is on a mission to empower Maori to become financially independent and so we aren't going anywhere. But, there are some things I'll be working on for April 2022. These are:

  1. We're currently working on a podcast.

  2. Working on growing our platform, followers, subscribers.

  3. Collaborating with other content creators.

Side note - Who else loved Money Heist?


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