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Recession Looming, Current Gas prices, What you can do


Times are troubling at the moment, I can feel it too. Within my wairua I can feel the pain some of our whānau are dealing with. Fear of not being able to feed your tamariki, or put gas in the car to do the school run. Whānau are struggling and I can feel their mamae.

Today’s post is about what we can do to improve our own situation. Things are hard and struggle is almost inevitable at this point. But, there are things we can do to make things less “shit”.

My first recommendation is to take some time this weekend to go through your finances. Take a look at where your money is going, how much of it is going there, where your biggest expenses are. The results will likely shock you.

Next, is to create a plan.

If you fail to make a plan, your plan will fail you.

Look at where your money is going and decide what is absolutely necessary. Work on only purchasing these items for the time being. You need to save as much as you can during this period to ensure your safety net and emergency fund is stacked. We can not afford to be eating takeaways at this stage. I repeat:

We can NOT afford to be eating takeaways at this stage.

Shopping lists - these will ensure your groceries are brought to the T to ensure wastage is limited and necessities are brought.


your Maara Kai if you have not already. I saw the other day a cauliflower was $15 - the seeds are a few dollars.

Walk where you can instead of using your car. We can not control the gas prices, but we can limit the usage of our gas. Every litre counts at this price !

A recession is looming and there are things we can do to manage our own financial safety and that of our whānau or household. Working on building your safety funds, safety nets is crucial at this time. Read up on past GFC’s to learn more about the impact that this could have on you.

For now, keep reading and learning about what you can do. Save! Save! Save!

That’s all from me,

Ngā Mihi nui,

Te Kahukura


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