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Sharesies Review - NZ Stock Platform

Hey guys and welcome back to Maori Millionaire!

*disclaimer: I am not offering financial advice but rather sharing my own experiences

Today I am going to be talking about sharesies. Sharesies is a simple and easy to use website used for investing in stocks and shares. I haven't been using it long, but am impressed in the short time that I have been using it. I'll drop a link below and it will give you a free first $5 which you can invest in whatever stocks you would like. - $5 free, just for signing up

What you will need to sign up:

-You need to me at least 16 years old to sign up and have a Drivers license (ID).

-You can only top your wallet up with a minimum of $10, so you'll need atleast that.

-Just click this link and follow the prompts to sign up

I love sharesies because it is an easy way to invest small amounts of money in to real stocks.

My favourite things to invest in are managed funds which hold investments in lots of different types of stocks and shares. What this does is that it reduced the risk of speculating in stocks due to the media. It's lower risk than investing in individual stocks.

Some examples of good managed funds are the following:

- AMP Capital All Country Global Shares

-Ishares Core s&p 500

-Pathfinder global property fund

-smartshares nz cash fund

-smartshares NZ Core Equity Trust

-TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua Fund

All above are managed funds owned by a fund director who invests in different companies to diversify risk. What we can do is then purchase a small portion of this, a stock or share and this allows us to take part in some of the overall profits of the fund, whilst only placing a small amount of money in it.

I'd always recommend to do your own research before investing in anything, and only investing as much as you can afford to, comfortably.


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