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Beginner's Guide to Social Media & Blogging

Aaaaaah it's the generation of social media at it again! Despite our parents comments that Social Media is a distraction, it can actually be used to your benefit for so many business opportunities. I'm going to share how.

#1 - Drives Traffic:

Social Media is so helpful and easy to use. Advertising on social media can easily drive traffic to your blog, if you allow it to. Here's what you can do:

  • Share links to blog posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram Stories

  • Talk about the blog on other platforms

#2 - Compound Followers :

  • Friends tell their friends, who tell their friends. Same effect as compounding interest except the people following you grows instead.

#3 - Followers come in packs:

  • Same as above.

Here's My Follower Count for March 2022:

LinkedIn - 58 Connections / Followers

Instagram - 797 Followers

Facebook Page - 155 Follows

Facebook Group - 35 Members

Twitter - 19 Followers

Tik Tok - 3,198 Followers

I'll be updating this at the end of April!

How Can I Maximize Each Resource?

Social Media is an awesome resource to:

  1. Grow your image

  2. Grow a Brand

  3. Direct People to your Shop

  4. Advertise

  5. Create an Online Community


Instagram is great for aesthetic photos and quotes. People love to share a good quote with their mates and it all links back to your page.

Tik Tok:

I've had a lot of surprising success with Tik Tok and a few videos getting a lot of attention. Controversial Tik Toks always get the most heat! Give it a go!


Twitter is a lot harder to grow on and you have to put a lot more effort in to growing on that platform. I just use it to write cute quotes for Instagram.

If you have any tips for growing your social media platforms and aiding your business in the process, make sure to let us know in the comments below.



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