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Valentines 2022 Gifts on a Budget

Valentines day is coming up, and so is the desire to treat your loved one. But, this feeling of gift giving can really pack a punch to your bank account. This is why I have collated a list of Valentines gift Ideas that won't hurt the bank.

1: Photo Frame

A photo is almost impossible to mess up. Picking a nice photo of the two of you, framing it and gifting it is one of the most affordable gifts there are. Another idea if you don't want to gift a photo of the pair of you is to find what NASA saw on a significant day of your relationship and frame this. Above is what NASA saw on one of our anniversary's. Click below to get your own image:

2: Baking

Baking is an awesome gift because he will be able to tell that you have taken the time out of your day to make a gift for him. Think brownies, cake, cupcakes, cake pops, or anything in between. Package is in a cute dish or wrap it with a bow and it will be the cutest gift to ever be received.

3: Cooking a meal

Cooking for date night as opposed to going out can mean much more because of the love, time, and thought you have placed in to cooking a meal.

4: Hand picked flowers

Buying a bouquet of flowers is so expensive. Going to a botanical garden is far cheaper.

5: Love letter

Writing a letter, describing your love with words will make for a romantic gesture that won't cost a penny.

6: Hand-made Valentines Card

Letting out the inner crafts man and sharing it with your partner is beyond compare.

7: A coupon

A coupon such as "A night out of doing the dishes" or " A day off doing the washing" will make for a very cheap gift idea that is sure to please.

8: A book from a second hand bookstore

The Book store always has hidden gems if you are willing to take the time to find them. Purchasing an old book can be cheap and the experience this will give them is invaluable.

9: A service

Dependent on the love language of your partner, taking the time out to do a chore that they have been procrastinating, or have not yet found the time to do - this can have a huge impact... Think: selling those old clothes at the back of the wardrobe that they have been wanting to get rid of, cleaning out their shed, pulling out the weeds in the garden - the possibilities are endless.

10: All of the above

Last but not least, you can combine all of the above, or combine just a few to make your valentines for your partner extra special.

Remember to share this with your friends so that you can all gift on a budget!


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