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Value Based Spending - What is it?

Value based sending has to be one of my favourite tools for sticking to my financial goals. It's something I think that everyone should understand, and use to work on your spending habits. So, continue reading if you want to learn what value based spending is, and how you can use it to benefit you and your finances.

I love value based spending because it encourages being mindful about where your money is going. This is important because it means that you can still enjoy life whilst still being dedicated to your finances. I myself love buying guess handbags which retail at around $200-$250. I allow myself to buy one every now and then as a treat, because this brings me joy which is value for me.

What is value based spending?

Value based spending is only spending money on things which bring you value. It's the practice of looking at all of your expenses and being mindful about where your putea is going.

What are examples of value based spending?

Examples of value based spending are spending more money on 'eco-friendly resources' if this is something which you value. Despite the 'eco friendly resources' costing more, it adds value to your life and is thus an important idea to consider.

I'm learning to value my health more, no matter what it costs. I believe that a healthy body is worthwhile because you won't have the added cost of poor health in your old age. But, not only this - as you would know a healthy body is a productive one. Your productivity will increase as your health does and so investing in good health will have benefits for yourself in more areas than one.

Why do I care about value based spending so much?

Value based spending is important to me because it means that I can still enjoy the little things whilst still having big financial goals. One of the biggest misconceptions about being 'good' with money is that you need to sacrifice all of the good things in life which isn't true. Being good with money is just like anything else in life, it's no good unless it comes with a bit of balance. So, make sure to balance your saving and investing with a little bit of 'value based spending'.

Value Based Spending is something we can all incorporate into our lives. Comment below your favourite things to spend money on and make sure to share these with your friends.


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