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When you should check your insurance

  • If you get a new job or your income changes. A change in income sometimes causes a change in lifestyle and you should check that your insurance is still right for you.

  • If you start a business. Sometimes starting a business causes you to create more debt and you need to double check that your insurance is still the right one for you.

  • If you become debt free. Congrats by the way! But, this could change what is required when it comes to insurance because you no longer have this heavy weight above your head.

  • If you get married (or divorced). A change in circumstance such as your husband or wife would mean that the configuration of your finances has probably changed. Even if your finances are not joined, will your expenses change as a result of the parting/ joining?

  • If you have a baby. A new baby means that for starters you have someone who is dependent on you and you want to make sure that something is left for them/ they are taken care of if something ever happens to you.

  • When You Buy a house. Ask your insurance provider what this means for you.

  • When your children leave home. Once your children reach a certain age and are making their own money, you may not even need life insurance anymore. Something to consider.


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