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Why Financial Independence is important to me:

What is financial independence?

Being financially independent means that I have money, multiple sources of income, money invested in various places with stable and reliable returns.

To me, being independent with your money means being free to live your life how you wish without money being the barrier. It means being able to live toxic situations ( living situations or work conditions ) without the barrier of money.

Being financially independent to me means being able to live with purpose and ambition, not dictated by my financial position.

What will it offer me?

I want to be able to leave jobs if the environment is not aiding in positive living.

I want to move homes if the conditions are not making me happy or healthy.

I want to help my family when they need it.

I want to financially contribute to areas of our world which need it. Donating money to my iwi, hapu, whānau Whanui will mean that services and resources can be purchased when required.

I want my children to have all the necessities, everything they need. My hope is for them to focus on things of value at a young age, not of stress and detrimental impact.

I do not want a life filled with worrying about how I am going to pay my rent or the power bill.

What is money?

Money is merely a resource. It is a tool that enables you to buy things. With money, you can buy services or materials to aid you in life.

Our world is filled with so much oppression, struggle, problems and war. Nothing I can do will be able to change this. No amount of money in the world can fix this.

Money has no way of fixing societal problems that are built upon views born in to the minds of those in roles of leadership. Wage, health, education, and justice gaps come naturally with being part of a minority group. I can make every effort to instigate change; but, in my life time at least no significant changes will occur.

Money is one tool I can use to help bridge these gaps for my whānau, hapu, iwi. If my children have all the resources and services, alongside a wide understanding of societal issues then they could just be part of a generation who is one step closer to making brutal changes to this world, to make the gaps in health, income , and education more minimal.

If each generation has the resources to minimise the gap, even just a bit, at some point the gap will be gone. This is my goal.

My means and privilege to be able to make these goals and plans are only possible because of the grit, work and energy spent to better the life of my community. My tipuna worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for me and my generation. I’m paying it forward to my lineage to continue the positive change that my tipuna, my nanny, my mother started.

I would like to end this post with a few quotes from my favourite podcast at this time, @girlsthatinvest.

A link to their website can be found here:

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