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Te Kahukura Boynton


Ko Terere te Marae

Ko Otara te awa

Ko Ngati Ngahere te hapu

Ko Mataatua te waka

Ko Maunga-a-Rangi te maunga

Ko Te Whakatohea te iwi

Te Kahukura is a 19 year old Law Student, Business Owner, and recently turned - content creator. 

Te Kahukura started Maori Millionaire in 2022, whilst in her dorm room at The University of Waikato. 

It was here that Te Kahukura started sharing her journey of building financial capabilities with the world, in hopes to inspire other Whanau Maori to undertake the same haerenga. 

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About Māori Millionaire

Māori Millionaire was created to document the journey of learning about financial independence and empowerment for Māori individuals and communities. Money plays a critical role in our lives, and understanding how to manage and grow it can have a significant impact on our ability to access healthcare, education, and other necessities. There are financial disparities faced by Māori that need to be addressed, and Māori Millionaire aims to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and resources on personal finance, investing, and self development. The hope is that by documenting this journey and sharing the lessons learned along the way, Māori Millionaire can help individuals take control of their financial futures and improve the overall well-being and prosperity of our communities. Māori Millionaire is a space where we can come together to learn and grow, because at the end of the day, our health, our children, and our lives matter. We matter.


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