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2022 Financial Update

I haven't posted on this blog since 2019, I actually forgot it existed. But, having found it again I want to give posting consistently another go. My first post for today will be a savings update, where I have my money and how much.

My 2022 New Year Get-away

Kiwi Saver:

As of today I have around $2,800 in my Kiwi Saver account. This money is made up of voluntary contributions, employer contributions and employee contributions. My goal is to have $4,000 in this account by the end of 2022. I am hoping that now that I am 18 the government contributions will help me achieve this goal.

Term Deposits:

Currently, interest rates are shit. Due to covid, for a 90 day term deposit I am only reaping 0.25% which is far less than inflation. But, because my money is not large enough to invest in something with a higher ROI, I will leave it in there for the time being. Currently I have $5,500 in my term deposits.


I have only recently started investing in sharesies with small amounts of money here and there. I currently have $125.84 in my account with a return of 1.1% which is higher than my term deposit, but could be better. I'm still learning how to use sharesies though and hope to improve throughout the year.

My savings/ investments total $8425.84 . I hope to significantly increase this over the year so that I am closer to my goal of purchasing a house in my 20's.

Due to studying full time, my income is low and debt is increasing. My Student Loan is currently at $2500. I am aiming to not increase this significantly and aim to keep my living costs low for the duration of my degree.


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