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22 Side Hustle Ideas $$ - How to Generate an Income Outside of Work

Side Hustles are great ways to boost your income to meet your investing goals, saving goals, or just to make ends meet at times. This list is just to get the ball rolling mentally with different ways you can make an income on the side.

  1. Starting a business is always everyone's ultimate goal for a side hustle. However, growing a business and creating a successful business is very difficult. If done well, creating a business can definitely be a lucrative side hustle.

  2. Another idea is to get a part time Job outside of your full time job. This could be as minimal as 6 hours on a Saturday at McDonalds which could mean an extra $100 per week towards your goals or needs.

  3. Blogging can generate income once grown to a certain level.

  4. YouTube can too!

  5. Mail runs. I've known a lot of teens who do a mail run after School which doesn't earn much money but does make some...

  6. Chores for the elderly - think cleaning, errands, gardening, tech jobs

  7. Selling things you no longer need - try Facebook market place, trade me

  8. Bake sales at your local market

  9. Meals on wheels, cooking in bulk and then selling these to people who want easy food.

  10. Selling your skills

  11. Affiliate marketing

  12. Surveys - Don't come at me!!

  13. Selling photos on shutterstock

  14. Typing handwritten documents for people

  15. Gardening/ Lawn Care services

  16. Renting out a spare room at your property

  17. Breeding Puppies

  18. Selling custom sneakers - DIY some nikes in to something cool and then sell for a profit

  19. Renting your garage out to someone who needs storage space

  20. Investing in property, renting the property out

  21. Doing nails, lashes or brows in your down time

  22. Selling art you create

There are many ways to generate an income outside of your 9-5. Ones here are just to get the ball rolling and create ideas for yourself.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite side hustle ideas are!

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