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Different ways to Increase your income! #Maorimillionaire

There are different methods to be able to increase your income. Here are a few:

  • Asking your boss for a pay rise. - Try and have some evidence that supports that a pay rise is deserved for example " Hey, I've been working longer hours and been making changes in X, X and X. "

  • Starting a side hustle - you can do this in many different ways such as by starting a business selling used items you don't need, starting a YouTube channel, etc.

  • Changing careers in to a higher paid field

  • Getting a boarder or renting out rooms you don't use

  • . Selling products you are good at making - baking, veggies on the side of the road, kete, poi, home cooked meals. There is always a demand for things that make someone's life easier!

  • Doing odd jobs for other people - example: cleaning, weeding, waterblasting their house. Advertise your service and price on a local page through facebook.

Comment your favorite ways to increase your income below!



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