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20 things I've learnt in 20 years

My 20th Birthday is coming up.

I’ve been reflecting on the last 20 years and the things I have learnt. I decided I’d share these with you all because some of them are really important.

  1. Always have backup putea. My grandma never ate her apple cores - she ate these when she ran out of food. She also never spent her last $10. Adjusted for inflation - we need to be keeping a minimum of $1,000 as an Emergency Fund.

  2. Be careful who you trust. Trusting the wrong people can make you lose money.

  3. It’s easier to not get accustomed to cool things than it is to un-acustom yourself from cool things.

  4. Set your priorities straight. Having your priorities around the wrong way will mean you either won’t reach your goals at all, or you will spend more time than you need to on them.

  5. Some things need money to buy quality, whereas other things aren’t as important. Practice value based spending - prioritize spending based off of how much value it provides.

  6. You are your own boss for life. You make the rules and you suffer the consequences if they don’t work.

  7. Don’t forget the small things. The small things our friends and whanau do, acknowledge them. The small things like brushing your teeth twice a day - simple but integral.

  8. It’s not what you know, It’s who you know.

  9. Fill your cup first, and share what overflows.

  10. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

  11. Don’t forget to take it easy sometimes. Crack a joke. Life’s not as serious as we’re making it…

  12. Stop before you start a bad habit. If you’ve already started - stop. (learning to take my own advice from this one)

  13. If you want to be a podcaster, be a podcaster. If you want to be a youtuber, be a youtuber.

  14. Understand making and managing money, you’ll be sussed. Understand making, managing, growing money for you, your kids and their kids to be sussed too. It starts with you.

  15. Keep your mouth shut, You can never unsay something.

  16. Sing your heart out as much as you can.

  17. Money isn’t everything. Remember to appreciate the whenua below your feet, the gods above your head and your whanau around you. Money is not everything.

  18. Who cares what unimportant people say. Haters = unimportant

  19. Learn your reo before you lose it. Knowing your own mother tongue is a priceless privilege.

  20. If it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.

Thanks for reading another blog post! I know I have not posted in a while, definitely something I’m going to become more consistent with though.

Aku mihi nui,

Te Kahukura Boynton

Future Māori Millionaire

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