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Day 2 Update: 75 Hard

This morning I woke up with severe back pain. So sore, I ended up spending an extra 2 hours lying in bed...

This used to be my reality every single day. I'd be in so much pain that I'd just stay in bed all day.

A combination of obesity and endometriosis causes this pain, so I figured doing my exercise would be a good thing. I did both workouts and felt way better afterward.

One surgeon told me I couldn't have surgery because my BMI was too high

Another told me that becoming pregnant would reduce my symptoms???

One doctor told me that this wasn't that complicated, I just needed to be in a calorie deficit

It's fair to say that everyone tells you different shit

It's also fair to say that works for you, and gives you the results that you want / strive for - should probably be the pathway you take

Not to say that we shouldn't listen to advice, but rather that we should listen to more advice really, but only take what works for us

This may even mean trialing things to see how they work

Last year, I lost 22kg - but most of this came through walking daily and practicing mindful eating.

I didn't diet or cut anything out of my life. I practised what worked for me.

So, I'll be doing this again this year!

Took me 19 years to get here, will take more than 12 months to get to where I want to be...

YouTube video about day 2 coming out tonight at 6pm!

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