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My Favourite Finance YouTubers!!!

I think that youtube videos are an awesome way to learning things. There are a lot of finance youtubers out there, but today I wanted to share three that have influenced me, taught me, and help me to grow financially.

1: Graham Stephen

My absolute favourite from the beginning has always been Graham Stephen. He talks about everything finance in a palatable way that is easy to understand for dumbasses like me. He has a few channels, but his OG channel is the following:

Graham is the king of not wasting money on avocado toast, and drinking 20 cent iced coffee at home.

2: Patricia Bright

Patricia is a female finance youtube which I absolutely love because as a fellow woman, it is hard to find female role models out there. Patricia is a bright family woman who explains her finances and avoids the taboo-ness around finances.

Patricia shares how she budgets her money, reacts to other videos, and more.

3: Ali Abdaal

Ali is next up on my list. His youtube can be found here:

Ali is a trained doctor but even better financial expert. Ali has grown a significant portfolio and income and shares how to achieve this via his youtube channel.

These youtubers are great role models. I love watching their videos and learning new things from them. I learnt about house hacking from Graham Stephen which is an amazing idea.


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