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Warrant of Finance - Sign up now!

Happy humpday team,

I have some big news! I am so thrilled to announce that I have launched my new business venture.

Please give a big warm welcome to; 'Warrant of Finance' a new and innovative personal finance audit.

Warrant of Finance is my new programme run over 6 weeks that teaches people to stop, pause and really check in on their finances.

Money makes the world go around, but what happens if you have none? This programme will teach you how to be a good kaitiaki of your putea so that you never go broke again.

This programme is on sale right now for $150NZD but will be going up in price next Monday!

I've been lucky enough to learn about how best to take care of my own money, it is only right that I share this knowledge with my own people. If you have your money sorted, (you're awesome!), but would like to gift this course to a niece, nephew or child of yours - then please do!

If you want to sign up for the course, or gift it to someone else - you can do this here.

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